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Established since 1992, The Best Rubber Seals (TBR) has been focusing on manufacturing rubber items, custom as well as standard.  We pledge to promptly deliver rubber parts with reliable quality at the most competitive price.  With the dynamic operations both in Taiwan and China, TBR strives to fulfill the requirements from each one of our customers, large or small.  Our parts and service has been recognized by the customers from all over the world, mainly the most advanced countries in Europe and America.  Whenever you need a rubber part, TBR is ready to make it for you. 
Standard Rubber Parts:

Ground Rubber Balls – Precision and Commercial Grade

O-Ring – AS568,  JIS(P&G), and Metric Sizes in full range

Custom Parts:
O-Rings           Washers          Gaskets            Seals                Duckbills          Bellows
Gaiters            Stoppers         Grommets        Diaphragms      Elbow hoses
Ground Rubber Balls              Metal bonded Rubber parts     
(30 - 90 Duro & any color according to your specification)
NR                   NBR                 Neoprene        Silicone            EPDM
Viton                HNBR
Other materials specified or provided by the customer
Your inquiry is always welcomed. Just send us ( tbrseal@ms28.hinet.net ) your drawing and specification or sample, we will be pleased to quote for your further evaluation.
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